Weapon basics #1 – be careful of gun recoil

Firing a gun can be very dangerous for beginners. Most people underestimate the power that gun recoil has. Especially the larger rifles. They can pack quite a punch. Today we’re going to be writing this up as a warning to all those interested in purchasing and using a weapon, be careful of recoil.

Have a look at how horribly wrong firing a gun can go if you don’t take gun recoil into consideration. Some of those people ended up in serious pain. What’s more they could have ended up endangering others by sending the shot God know where.

Important thing to know when firing a gun for the first time is to expect quite a kick. Even with smaller guns and especially with larger rifles and shotguns. A recoil is best dealt with by stiffening up your upper body, put the rifle stock close against the shoulder, and move along with the recoil.

Good advice for beginners is to go small at first. Start with smaller guns, maybe even gas guns first, and then move up through the food chain, actual guns and rifles. By doing that you’ll learn how to manage recoil gradually and not end up being overwhelmed by powerful recoil from high power rifles. Be careful, and always be at the firing range when learning how to combat recoil.