Smaller guns are better for home defense

Even though we don’t go into gun shops as much as we used to, there was a period in our lives when we were there quite frequently. During that time we came across gun shop owners who recommended shotguns as the weapon of choice for home security, against burglars and such. Hero Gear team has a different opinion. We think that smaller caliber pistols are a much better choice and in this article we’re going to elaborate why we think that.

Smaller guns are better for home security

Some gun sellers recommend large shotguns for home defense, especially to people inexperienced with guns. Reason for this is because they are less forgiving if you’re a bad shot, which most people inexperienced with guns usually are.

What you’ll usually hear is something along the lines that shotgun has a good spread. Meaning the person doesn’t even have to aim all that well in order to hit the target.

What isn’t being said is that the shotgun is quite large, more difficult to handle. There are two more things you need to worry about, muzzle flash and noise. Muzzle flash can leave you blinded for a second and the noise leaves you with ringing in your ears. Not a great situation to be in with a burglar in your home.

Another thing worth mentioning is damage caused by a shotgun. Because it has a “good spread” shotguns tend to destroy everything in front of them, including walls, furniture, electronics. Sure the burglar will go down, but so will the value of your home. For this reason we think it’s better to buy smaller caliber pistol. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment down below.