About us

Hero Gear team consists of me, Logan Hughes, and my brother John. On the picture to the left, we’re the two guys on the right holding our friend Jack. Hero Gear is based in Houston, Texas. Since young age we were surrounded with guns. It’s no surprise given the fact that we are coming from a military family. After finishing up high school, we signed up for the Marine Corps. Did two tours in Iraq, got back and enrolled college.

During and little over a year after finishing up college we did odd jobs like security, construction, auto salvage, etc. All this time guns were our hobby, so now that we are a bit older, we saved up some cash, got a little bit in debt and decided to open up a home security equipment/gun store.

Hero Gear is a website dedicated to the store that we plan on opening in the near future. It’s where we’re going to be setting up an online catalog of items in our store. On the blog we’ll be giving out advice for new gun owners, home security tips and tricks, equipment reviews, and so on. My brother and me hope that you’ll enjoy our website and the store that should be opened sometime in July. Send us an email using the “Contact” page should you have any kind of questions. Take care and stay safe.