Welcome to Hero Gear, a website for a gun store that soon plans to open its doors in the very heart of Houston, Texas. Hero Gear is a work of passion for both my brother and me. My name is Logan Hughes, and my brothers name is John. On this website we’re going to be talking about all kinds of topics, ranging from home security equipment recommendations, IPTV cameras, FPV security real estate drones , to more substantial things like gun/rifle reviews, gun safety tips, and in general issues revolving around guns. You probably would have never guessed it, but my brother and me are a couple of gun lovers, paranoid security experts, war veterans, and last but not least we’re dads interested in protecting ourĀ families.

Reason for starting this website

Let’s start by explaining what was the motivation for starting this website. Main reason for the existence of Hero Gear is our upcoming opening of our very first business, a gun store, smack dab in the middle of Houston, Texas. Our store is still being worked on. We hope to have our doors open in 6 months time. This is our first entrepreneurial endeavor since leaving the marine corps and finishing up college, so we’re still finding our place in the industry. Selling guns is a very tough. It seems as though everybody is doing it these days. Still, this is something that we decided to do because our families need to eat, we need to put food on the table. There isn’t anything else that we’re good at. We’ve grown up around guns, so it is no surprise we ended up the way we did. Hopefully you, our visitors/future customers will recognize our efforts and we won’t fail.


So what kind of a store is Hero Gear going to be? We’re going to be focusing on two main product categories. First of which is selling home security equipment. I’m talking about the usual things like alarms, security cameras, motion sensors, recording devices, etc. Our store will also try to keep up with times and include new and innovative home security technology. For example we have plans signing a partnership with a security company from California that uses quadcopters, or drones as they are more popularly called, in home security. They use drones with cameras for reconnaissance scans of the perimeter from air.

The secondary product category that our store is going to have is gun and ammo, like we already mentioned. Now the gun sale part of our business is also going to be focused on home security. Meaning that we’re going to be selling weapons for home protection. In smaller part we’re also going to hold hunting rifles and fishing equipment. We don’t have have plans on holding automatic weapons, since we feel there is no need to use it in either home protection capacity or hunting. We will let you know what kind of products we’ll be holding in due time.

We won’t just be talking about guns

It’s hard to have a gun store and not talk about the issues revolving gun use. My brother and me belong in the camp that think that guns are inherently not dangerous as long as they are properly used. That is one of the reasons why we’re going to be using this website as a platform for sharing advice on proper gun use. Our background gives us lots of insight into what kind of mistakes new gun owners are making. Giving advice in gun use also seems like a duty of ours, since we are selling guns to the public.

For this reason the majority of our content geared towards educating the public on gun use will be focused on proper safety practices. Most people think that shooting from a gun is easy. Reason for this is they saw action stars in movies do it, or they have grown up playing Call of Duty on Xbox. In the real world things are a bit different. The first thing that people end up being surprised by is gun recoil and how powerful it can be. We’ll go into more details about gun recoil and many other issues surrounding gun use in future website updates, so stay tuned for those.

Talking about guns can lead to heated words being exchanged by people. In an effort to keep things light, we’re also going to do reviews of the various home security tech gadgets that we’re going to be offering up for sale in our store. I’m sure that many of your are already wondering how exactly the aforementioned security drone works. As soon as we have it in our hands we’re going to be doing a review. Next to long range drones, anything else that gets in our hands has pretty good chances of ending up being reviewed. When and if we’re going to do it depends on lots of things. How much time we’re going to have on our hands, and whether or not you guys are interested. We hope that you’ll contact us with your suggestions and ideas on what you’d like to see reviewed.

We plan on working closely with the community

We realize that no man is an island and for that reason we’re planning our giving back to our community. The only reason we are where we are is because of you, our current readers and hopefully future customers. After our store is up and running we hope to help people in need, in any way that we can. It can either be by giving employment or organizing various fund raising events. We will post a notice on our website on upcoming charity events and how you can join the cause.

War veterans are a group of people that are very close to our hearts, seeing how both John and me have served our country. We both came back stateside in one piece, but there are others who have not been so lucky. There is a shamefully high number of veterans who are left out on the cold after they’ve sacrificed everything for their country. Some of the ways that we’ll help our brothers is by offering up discounts when shopping at our store. John is also talking with some local charities and it looks as though our first employee is going to be a veteran. Veterans are the perfect fit for a gun store, seeing how they know their way around guns. We hope that we can do more for them in the future.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that we are working on setting up a collaboration with the local firing range. Partnering up with the gun range is only natural for us, as we are a gun shop after all. The exact details of the partnership are still being hashed out, but we hope that customers of our stores will be able to get discount on the firing range membership fees. A year long firing range membership giveaway is also in the works, so stay tuned for updates on how to get it.

A few closing words

Holy cow look at how much text I’ve typed up already. I’m such a Chatty Cathy. I better wrap things up for now. Gotta leave something for future posts and updates here on our website. In closing I would just like to say thank you for visiting our website. Currently we don’t have any kind of social profiles setup, we barely use Facebook ourselves. Soon we will set those up as we realize it is much easier to communicate with people that way.

In the mean time you can use the “Contact Us” page in order to shoot us up a message. We’d like to hear from you as to what kind of gadgets you want to see reviewed on the blog. Send us your questions about home security or weapons and we’ll be more than happy to cover it here on Hero Gear. Lastly you are encouraged to contact us with suggestions on what kind of products you’d like your gun shop/home security depot should have. What do you want to see in our store?

We plan on posting regularly but keep in mind that we are still really busy working on the shop for the grand opening. We cannot make any promises. In either case make sure to subscribe to our website and drop by every once in a while. We hope to know the exact date of opening some time in April, so until then, stay safe out there and keep a close eye on our website for updates.